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Rebecca Faith - Seren Y Nos, Star of the Night (Flute & Piano)

Rebecca Faith - Seren Y Nos, Star of the Night (Flute & Piano)

The title Seren Y Nos is Welsh for Star of the Night. This atmospheric piece by Rebecca Faith is based on a simple bass line made up of three chords but the overall result is quite complex. There are two main themes, the first heard on the piano, the second introduced by the flute - these two themes are then layered, inverted and heard in different ranges, timbres and textures to create a sound that goes far beyond two simple themes. The result is a magical sound that has a distinct enchanting impression of a vast open space, hence the title Star of the Night. All of Rebecca's Christmas Carol arrangements are fresh, exciting and uniquely crafted, and are very much for the concert platform rather than a sing-along or play-along at home with Dad playing the piano part. These beautiful arrangements require work on the part of both flautist and pianist, as with a demanding accompaniment they are very much a duo. The majority are for the advanced flautist, minimum grade 6-7 standard, as there are some complicated rhythms, flutter tonguing and technically challenging jazzy-style passages. Highly recommended and well received by audiences there is nothing else available like them, and so these challenging yet thoroughly enjoyable arrangements fill a gap in the market and are an effective and welcome addition to the repertoire, providing some festive music with a rather different flavour, away from the usual standard melody with accompaniment. The collection of 10 Christmas Carols was written for the flute and piano duo Tranquillo, who recorded them as their debut album Tranquillo Christmas in 2010, a CD that has attracted some excellent reviews and can be purchased for £10 (plus P&P) from www.tranquilloduo.com

Review: "This is an original composition by Rebecca Faith. It is a real pleasure to perform and is a firm favourite amongst audiences. Based on three main chords, the themes are cleverly passed between the two parts, with both instruments being of equal importance. Reminiscent of film music, it is a must for the flute and piano duo, and will bring much enjoyment through the learning and performing of this piece." - Sarah Waycott & Hannah Mitchell of Tranquillo Duo, November 2012

Review: "This is a rather unknown carol, one which I haven't heard of or recognise, however its lush harmonies and high piano part with pedal base give it a starry-like quality. This requires an accomplished pianist, especially for the repeated octave passages and triplet figures against straight rhythms in the flute part. The flute part is for an advanced player too, covering the three-octave range of the flute and long repeated semi-quaver passages without a break. It would perhaps provide the chance for the audience to hear a lesser-known carol with an interesting flavour." - Dr. Rachel Smith DMA, MA, BMus (Hons), FTCL - November 2012

Review: "Don't you just love Christmas music? It is always wonderful to hear and play, I don't think we ever get sick of it, but sometimes it is good to have new arrangements and this is what we've got here. If you are Grade 5 standard and above, I'm sure you will enjoy exploring these excellent arrangements by Rebecca Faith. The arrangements are varied in style and the piano parts not too difficult. If you have a performance coming up this Christmas, one of these will go down extremely well with the audience. They aren't just the tune with the piano accompaniment, but skilful arrangements with imaginative harmonies and key changes. Highly recommended." - Liz Goodwin on www.flutewise.com October 2013

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